Rs 200 Note India: New Bank Note Rs 200 Real or Fake? It’s true, claim reports

RBI Office

A new proposal has been granted by the Reserve Bank of India, according to various news sources including Hindustan Times, Livemint, The Economic Times, Indian Express and several other news outlets.

The Reserve Bank of India board meeting has sanctioned the printing of new bank note of Rs 200 after June, 2017. A few media report claimed that the Rs 200 bank note would be available after July, 2017.

Rs 200 Bank Note
Rs 200 Bank Note, Rumoured Bank Note, not the original one.

New Bank Note Rs 200 in India: Is it true news or false news?

Yes, it’s a true news that the Reserve Bank of India may soon start printing new bank note with value of Rs 200 after June, 2017. A large number of news outlets already reported the same news.

Special Security Features in Rs 200 Note

According to news sources, a good number of security features will be introduced in Rs 200 bank note for the national security. We do not have much information about security features of Rs 200 bank note right now.

Another New Bank Note After Rs 2000 Note

A new currency note with value of Rs 2000 was introduced after demonetization of old bank notes such as Rs 500 and Rs 1000. If Government of India accepts the proposal, then Rs 200 bank note will be another bank note in the money market of India. On social media, Rs 200 note is a hot topic among the users especially on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Rs 200 Bank Note Images Are Circulating on Social Media Sites

According to various news outlets and online news websites, a new currency note Rs 200 is scheduled to be introduced after June, 2017. A number of social media users are spreading images Rs 200 bank note. However, we didn’t able to get any final or authenticated Rs 200 bank note online. All these bank note images are rumours right now.

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News Article Title: Rs 200 Note India: New Bank Note Rs 200 Real or Fake? It’s true, claim reports
News article first published on April 5, 2017.